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The official lineup will be announced on August 1st. 

Looking to Get Involved?

Rad. We’d love to have you.

Choose your style to learn more.


Looking to lend your hands, voice, skills, or talents at the festival? Awesome. We’re super appreciative of all our volunteers.

We need people in all the following positions:


Entry/Exit Door

3 hour shift

- ID’ing every person who enters the beer gardens, ensuring no one underage enters. Giving wristbands. Not allowing anyone visibly intoxicated in. Telling people they need to purchase liquor tickets in order to receive drinks/directing them to the table in the beer gardens to do so. - Ensuring no one leaves the beer gardens with alcohol.

Selling Liquor Tickets

(Need Pro-Serve) 3 hour shift

- Accepting cash and giving tickets. Ensuring anyone served has a wristband on.

- Recording cash drops taken by designated LEMF executives.

- Must be efficient and pay close attention.


(Need Pro-Serve) 3 hour shift

- Hydrating the masses! Accepting liquor tickets. Ensuring anyone served has a wristband on. Personally opening cans.

- Keeping a steady rotation of cans sold and restocked in ice bins to ensure beverages are kept cold throughout the day.




3 hour shift

Clearing tables in beer gardens, ensuring cans are dumped out & empty before placing them in recycling. Wiping tables down. Changing full recycling bags when necessary & taking them to the designated storage area.


Inflatables Officer

3 hour shift

- Manning entry & exit for inflatable structures. Ensuring there’s a steady flow of kidlets going in and out with no pileups in the middle.

- Maintaining peace & good vibes!




Flyer/Poster Distributors

(pre-show: July, August, September)

Approach businesses/ establishments around town asking to put up a LEMF poster in their storefront window. Seek out public bulletin boards and posterize them!


Volunteer Supervisor

6 hour shift

Checking in with Home Bass to ensure all volunteers are checked in by the required time for their shift. Doing rounds to all volunteer stations throughout the day to ensure volunteers are where they are supposed to be. Covering short bathroom or water refill breaks if needed. Contacting emergency on-call volunteers by cell phone if they are needed to fill in a shift.

50/50 Sellers

6 hour shift

Approaching attendees (+18) and selling 50/50 tickets. Ensuring no one under age purchases tickets. Transparently explaining that LEMF is a registered non-profit, sponsored & grant funded event, and our 50% of earnings go to cover costs of sound, lighting, décor, artists, etc. Telling purchasers of the additional donated runner-up prizes to be won as well. 



7AM Crew


- It’s not as bad as it sounds! Duties include but are not limited to: setting up beer gardens (tables, chairs, bar, pop up tents), audio & gear set up, art & stage/décor set up, shade structures, stage decoration/installations, coffee runners, etc. WE NEED YOU! It’s a special kind of magic watching the day come to life from nothing! - Specific need for volunteers with basic carpentry skills & their own tools to construct our giant wood panels on the Zodiac stage. Nothing too extravagant or difficult, just make the boards stand up!


Home Bass

3 hour shift

- Selling artist merchandise & 50/50 tickets. Giving information & answering questions if needed. 

- Keeping track of artist & volunteer check-ins and distributing lanyards/packages.  

- Alerting Volunteer Supervisor if volunteers have not checked in by their required time. 

- Must be organized, outgoing, and pay close attention to detail.

On-Call Volunteers

(Pro-Serve preferred) Full Day

On-call volunteers, ready to be summoned at any point throughout the day in the event someone bails on their shift. Must remain on the grounds all day, be reachable by cell phone, and be readily available given 10 minutes notice. We hope to schedule only trustworthy, dependable people who won’t let us down… but stuff does happen! 


Speedy Take-Down Heroes of Our Dreams

10:50pm - 12:30pm

- Also not as bad as it sounds! Duties include taking down beer gardens tables, chairs & loading back into trucks. Breaking down all recycling in beer gardens, loading unused liquor into designated vehicles. General decoration/stage installation teardown. Home Bass pack up. Taking down tents, etc. Basically, tetris-ing a day of festival into a cube van as fast as we can! The more bodies we have the faster the teardown will be!

- Specific need for volunteers with basic carpentry skills & their own tools to deconstruct our giant wood panels on Zodiac stage. Nothing too difficult, just take the pieces apart!

All volunteers receive a LEMF volunteer shirt (to be worn during their shift), a volunteer lanyard (which skips the line into the official after party at Club Lime), and 1 drink ticket per 3 hours of volunteer time.


Plus the satisfaction of helping make the magic happen for our 9th annual FREE, family-friendly, non-profit, completely volunteer-driven festival!


Looking to bring your work to our vibrant festival community? Our Artisan Village will be in partnership with Lethbridge Handmade Market for a unique handmade experience in the garden.


The cost of entry varies depending on your needs around tables, power, and more. See full details on our application form.


We partner with several businesses throughout the city to make our festival happen. If you’d like to get involved, get in touch with us at


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